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Delta Airlines adds kid-friendly, parent-approved onboard menu dishes

Beginning on April 1, customers will be able to choose meals in advance for their young flyers. The meals contain a variety of fruits, vegetables, colors, and textures and are well-balanced. To create menu options that will appeal to both children and their parents, Delta chefs researched children’s meals and restaurant menus.

The breakfast menu consists of blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, fruit, and French toast with syrup. Carrots and broccoli with ranch dressing, graham cookies, a variety of fruits, and cheese tortellini with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese make up the lunch and supper menu.

Beginning March 23, passengers can choose these meals on airlines via special meals for flights taken after April 1. Customers flying First Class are entitled to special meals on most domestic and international long-haul flights, but they must make reservations at least 24 hours in advance.

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The latest change to Delta’s updated onboard food and beverage menu is the return of kids’ meals. On January 19, Delta made an announcement about the renowned Delta One dessert cart’s comeback.

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Plated desserts, fruit and cheese platters, and an ice cream sundae bar are all featured on the dessert trolley. Opera cake with chocolate ganache, a wagon wheel from Cowgirl Creamery, Midnight Moon gouda, and grapes are some of the delectable treats available to customers. A vanilla ice cream sundae with the customer’s choice of toppings, such as whipped cream, cookie crumbs, fruit compote, and chocolate chips, will also be available. On foreign flights, the Delta One dessert cart is provided; the selection varies based on the place of departure.

“At Delta, we’re continually reimagining our onboard service because we believe that your meal and beverage should be no different than what you get at your favorite restaurant at home. According to Kristen Manion Taylor, SVP of In-Flight Service at Delta, “We constantly strive to surprise and please our customers with seasonal, fresh, and exciting food options.
The most recent menu update adds regional touches like traditional afternoon tea and tapas to pre-arrival menu options, as well as kids’ meals and the return of Delta’s beloved dessert cart. Seasonal additions also include cozy dishes from beloved restaurants like Little Italia’s Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano in Atlanta.

These additions expand on Delta’s extensive menu, which already features Du Nord Social Spirits, Impossible Foods vegetarian menu options, partnerships with three James Beard Award-winning chefs, and Imagery Estate Winery, a premium onboard wine provider run by award-winning female winemaker Jamie Benziger.

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