Write For Us | Travel Guest Post

Hi writers, I knew you will surely come here to get published on Traverse Planet.

If you are wondering if we accept travel guest posts here, then I want to clear your doubt firstly.

Do I accept Travel Guest Post on Traverse Planet?

The Good news here is that yes you can publish your content on my website.

But but but…

I have some strict rules that I follow to keep my website spam free.

My content guidelines for travel guest post

  • No AI content please.
  • I give maximum 3 external links in which one has to redirect to an authority site.
  • Images are must for every post.
  • Make content structured properly with heading tags, bullet points, etc.
  • Title should be catchy and click worthy.
  • Language of the content should be easy to read.
  • It should be minimum 800 words to get accepted for publishing.
  • Content must be unique.

What topics you can write on?

If you are struggling to find topics to write on, let me help you here. You can write your content on below topics.

  • Travel Guides – A detailed travel guide on a city that will help our readers to know more about the place. It can be about any place, activity, transportation etc around the world.
  • Travel Gear & Accessories – Any travel gear or accessory we can use during our travel.
  • Itinerary – If you are focused on a particular destination, then you can write a perfect time saving and money saving itinerary so our readers can get help from it.
  • Tips or Hacks – If you know any secret tip related to travel then i would like to share it with our readers as well.

Still not clear? Just drop me a mail mentioning your niche and what you are looking up to. I will recommend you some topics that are relevant to both our niche.

How to get your travel story published on my website?

Simple just send me your travel story on logan@traverseplanet.com and wait for my reply.

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