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Frontier Airlines Staff gets bonus for charging extra on oversized luggage

Once it emerged this week that staff members at Frontier Airlines get a $10 bonus for charging a passenger for large bags, the airline came under fire.

The inducement was discovered after journalist Dyana Villa of Salt Lake City went viral for capturing herself and another passenger being informed that their carry-on luggage did not exceed the size criteria for a travel from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to Denver.

One commenter claimed that Frontier Airlines staff receive a commission each time they charge for an excessive suitcase in the series of films that received millions of views on TikTok.

Villa asserts that she personally learned of the $10 payment from an unnamed Frontier Airlines flight attendant.

Villa and Frontier Airlines were contacted by The Post for comment.

The award is “just an incentive for our airport customer care agents to assist ensure compliance with our regulations and that all clients are treated fairly,” a bargain airline representative told The Independent.

Over size luggage

As Villa urged others to sign a petition to “stop Frontier Airlines from overcharging passengers,” her tale really took off.

Before boarding, luggage is measured in the measurement bins to see if it will fit in the overhead bin or beneath the seat. She was seen doing this with another passenger near the DC gate.

The women and the Frontier staff begin to argue.

When I placed my bag in the measurement bin, despite being warned that it was too large for a personal item,

It was a fantastic fit. We were charged $100 and this also happened to two other people, said Villa in her petition.

“They locked the gate on us, and one of the passengers even had to toss all of her personal items in the trash in order to fly. I finally boarded after paying, but I had no idea what a nightmare Denver would be.

“I was filming my suitcase to show that it fit in the bin, and because of the footage, I was not allowed to board the flight to Salt Lake City,” she stated. Since it was private property and I didn’t have permission to video my bag, I was informed that I couldn’t do it.

With handles, wheels, and straps, a personal bag shouldn’t be larger than 14 inches tall by 18 inches broad by 8 inches deep.

Flyers may be penalized between $50 and $100 if a bag doesn’t satisfy those specifications.

After President Biden criticized airline rates in his State of the Union address in January, Villa got into a heated exchange.

He referred to them as “junk” fees and pledged to exert pressure on airlines, hotels, and even ticket sellers to increase the “transparency” of their pricing structures.

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