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Renew Your Passport Now, This is the best time — Here’s Why?

The time it takes to process passports has decreased once further, with the US Department of State processing them more quickly than it did even a month ago.

The State Department reports that the current processing time for passports is seven to ten weeks for regular service and three to five weeks for expedited service. That’s three weeks quicker than it was during the summer and one week quicker than it was last month.

On its website, the State Department stated, “Our processing times only include the time your application is at one of our passport agencies or centers.” “Processing times do not include mailing times. The processing and mailing times are included in the overall time it takes to obtain a passport.

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The Department stated that applications may take up to two weeks to arrive by mail at a passport agency or center, in addition to the processing period. It may also take up to two weeks for a finished passport to arrive in the mail following printing.

For passports received on or after November 6, the revised processing times are in effect. In-person applications for expedited service are also accepted, but applicants must have overseas travel scheduled within the next 14 days.

As to the State Department, renewing a passport book costs $130, and expedited service adds an extra $60.

Additionally, the State Department launched a test program last year that allowed passport renewals online; however, the program is presently on hold, according to the department.

Throughout November and December, the State Department will also host “Special Passport Acceptance Fairs” in person at local government offices, recreation centers, and public libraries. These passport fairs, which are taking place all throughout the nation, from New Jersey to Wisconsin, Florida, and other places, are especially designed to assist first-time passport applicants.

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