Airfares Going to Drop Drastically Ahead of Fall

When compared to the summer, domestic airfare is down 29% for the fall, which is good news for the travelers booking a flight before the busy holiday travel season.

“That’s about $87 per ticket less expensive than trips taken in June, July, and August—the peak summer months,” Hopper economist Haley Berg told ABC News.

Some of the best opportunities for low cost flights will be in the upcoming weeks.

Berg continued, “You should be keeping an eye on the cost of your vacation travel right now and plan to book in the next 4 to 6 weeks.”

You should reserve your trip for Christmas and Thanksgiving by the middle of October, but you should anticipate that rates will be at their lowest between roughly September 15 and October 15.

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Another trend that is promising for travelers is that airlines are doing considerably better when it comes to flight cancellations. Over the summer, less than 2% of flights were canceled, which is a significant improvement from 2022.

In order to determine the ideal times to book your flights during each season and the cheapest days to fly, the Google Flights team looked over five years’ worth of airfare data in 2018. Some of those trends have changed in 2023. Here are the days and periods of the year when buying tickets is least expensive.

What is the ideal time to purchase plane tickets?

Though you may have heard it’s less expensive to purchase and fly on a Tuesday than a Saturday, that isn’t always the case. Google claimed that buying your tickets on a specific day of the week wasn’t particularly advantageous.

Prices have only been 1.9% less expensive on average over the previous five years if you book your travel between Tuesday and Thursday as opposed to the weekend, according to the search engine giant.

Do airfares drop as you get closer to your departure date?

It’s preferable to book your flight far in advance rather than waiting until it’s closer to your vacation in order to avoid a potential price hike. According to Google, the cost of a domestic flight is often at its lowest between 21 and 60 days prior to departure. Google cautions that this might not apply to your particular location.

You may now check when costs have historically been the lowest on Google when choosing your travel dates and destination. For instance, you might discover that two months in advance is the ideal time to make your travel arrangements. Or you might discover that prices have decreased closer to takeoff, in which case waiting to book would be advised.

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