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Best Season To Visit USA: Country’s Best Time To Explore

The USA is a vast country where you can find countless destinations to explore, admire, and love. A wide range of majestic mountains, dense forests, pristine lakes, and meandering river make this country a perfect place to spend an ideal vacation throughout the year. The country has various places to visit during any season. To make you decide your best destination here, I am giving you a seasonal guide for a USA vacation so that you can enjoy to the fullest. Take a quick look at the best Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter destinations of the USA. But, let’s start with the spring first.

Best Time to visit the USA

The best time to visit the US for vacation is either spring (March to May) or autumn (September to October). But if you are planning to visit during other than these seasons, then still there are lots of destinations you can should see once. Let’s know about some of the destinations that you can visit in different seasons.

Destinations to Visit in Spring Season:

In the United States, spring season starts from March and ends in May. This is one of the most beautiful seasons to enjoy nature to the fullest. As the weather is pleasant here, and greenery is at a peak, a vacation to these destinations would be great during the spring break. If you are searching for a budget spring vacation destination, then you should opt for New Orleans. It has stored a lot for the tourists and is one of the best places to visit, no matter if you are traveling with your family, friends, or going on a solo trip.

South Carolina

The destinations in the US, which are best to visit in spring are:

South Carolina

One of the most popular destinations during summer. South Carolina has a lot to offer to its visitors during the season. Myrtle Beach is the perfect spot for you to enjoy your spring as it has miles of beaches where you can chill and relax peacefully. During this time you should visit one of the best tree tunnels, made of live oak trees in the state, which is on Botany Bay Road – Edisto Island. Also, do not forget to enjoy a delicious meal at the rooftop restaurants in the evening.

New Jersey

As New Jersey is famous for its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and intriguing culture, you can spend great spring vacation with friends or family here. Spending a few days on the beaches and boardwalk, Morey’s Piers Amusement Park and the adventure aquarium will make your vacation-worthy.


Coachella Music Festival is the main highlight of the state during the spring season. Other than that, you can go to Disneyland, Yosemite National Park, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, and Lake Tahoe, which are popular to visit during springs.

New Orleans

Many visitors come to this city to attend the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival to celebrate the music culture of the city. Explore the major attractions of the city park like the Botanical Garden and New Orleans Museum of Art.

Summer Season

The USA in summer is pretty hot, and the average temperature is in between 21 to 40-degree celsius, which mainly depends on the region. June, July and August are the summer months in the USA.  Also, the Americans celebrate their independence day during summers, i.e. 4th of July, so, vacationing during this time will be a good choice. As the summers are for vacationing, Glacier National Park will be a great budget-friendly pick for you.



During Summers, this is one of the best seasonal vacation destinations in the USA and the most popular vacation spot for the families for an ideal summer break. The Independence day celebration in the city is a must-watch, and along with the celebration, you will also enjoy sumptuous food, drinks and vibrant live performances by renowned bands. In fact, you will get a chance to the colorful aerial fireworks display. If you are in the city, do not forget to experience the Friday night parties, organized across the city.


The emerald city, Seattle, is quite popular amongst summer vacationers. Some of the best activities you can do in Seattle are swimming in the lake Washington, enjoy lemonade Sundays, parasailing, spending a sun-kissed day at the beach, hiking, watching outdoor movies, and experiencing the sunset from the Luna Park.


Mainly known for cowboys and rodeos, Wyoming is a good place to enjoy a perfect summer vacation, especially because there are several-horse riding, off-roading, camping, hiking, fishing, and rodeos. Many festivals are organized here during summers, including Laramie Jubilee Days, and bull riding competitions.

Glacier National Park

The lake McDonald is the largest water body in the glacier, and is a must -visit spot in the glaciers. Apart from that, going to the Sun Road, which is the most difficult roads to drive, will promise you with an enthralling experience. You can halt for some time at the Logan pass, which is quite a popular spot. It is the highest point on the glacier at the elevation of 6646 ft.

Fall Season

The weather during this time starts cooling, and the temperature goes a bit down. The high temperature during falls remains 17 to 29 degrees celsius. You can enjoy this season for around three months; from September to November. During this season, as the temperature goes down, there is a lesser influx of tourists, making this season a budget-friendly one. Some of the most important places to visit in the USA during the Fall are:

San Francisco

San Francisco

Referred to as the jwell of California, San Francisco is a beautiful city to visit during the Fall. The Golden Gate Bridge is the highlight of the city, where you can enjoy scenic views and get some pictures clicked. Additionally, the Great Pumpkin Fest is also organized in the city during October, and the event is often packed with a series of fun-filled activities, making it perfect for a family outing with kids. The Fall season in the city promises you with a pleasurable bay cruise trip or a bike trip experience; so, you must try them, if you are an adventure-lover.


Autumn turns the Boston city into a beautiful hamlet; the fallen leaves in the parks are the highlights of the city. The place also has a lot for the music lovers as Boston is known for hosting thumping music concerts of rock ‘n roll, lively rap shows, and popular pop music events. The city also has the Freedom Trail that lets you gain in-depth knowledge about the history of the country.


Being quite a popular tourist destination, Denver has many festivals that take place during the Fall season. Denver Beer Fest, Denver Food & Wine Festival, and The Great American Beer Festival are some of the festivals in the city you must experience to get the true essence of the city. Red Rocks Park and amphitheatre is also a must-visit spot in the city, which is a combination of a city park and a live music venue to spend a beautiful evening amidst a picturesque view.


The Hoosier State Indiana is situated in the region of the majestic and eye-pleasing Great Lakes, which of course adds to the beauty of the state, making it look even more pleasing. It is also a perfect place for couples who want to spend some romantic time together. Cataract Falls, Brown County State Park, and Kissing Bridge are some of the places where you can feel romance in the air.

Winter Season

With the arrival of December month, the USA marks the onset of the Winter season, which ends with February. The temperature in the country varies from 19 degree Celsius to -16 degree Celsius, depending on the state. Because of the freezing cold, footfall of the tourists decreases in winters. So, if you want to explore the country in winters, then California is a good option to explore on a limited budget.



Despite the fact that Alaska is a very popular destination to visit in summers, it has many things which tourists can enjoy even in winters without burning a hole in the pocket. You can relax in a hot spring while the snow fully surrounds you, and later you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding at the biggest ski resort in Alaska. Also, witness the grandeur of the winter fest at Denali National Park, which is one of the most beautiful national parks in Alaska. Moreover, do not forget to see the ice museum at the Chena Hot Springs and Dog Sledging Race, which will promise you with a lifetime of experience.


Bordering the four major pristine lakes, the state of Michigan promise you an awesome experience of an ideal winter vacation. Visit the City of Frankenmuth, known for its Bavarian-style architecture and get into the Christmas spirit as soon as you arrive. Include Avalanche Bay in your itinerary, which is the largest indoor water park in the state. Later, visit the Tahquamenon Falls to explore the beauty of a frozen waterfall.


Famous for its bold architecture and limitless skyline, the city of Chicago has a lot of places where you can enjoy your winter vacation to the fullest. During this season, you can enjoy the Chicago Winter Fest and Chicago Bulls Game to get your adrenaline gushing.

Los Angeles

If you don’t like snow, yet willing to go on a winter vacation, Los Angels is the right destination for you. The city hosts several reputed events during winters like Hollywood Christmas Parade, Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, and Academy Awards.

So, this is a short seasonal guide to visit the USA.  After reading the guidelines given-above, make your plans accordingly to turn your vacation a memorable one.

Which is the cheapest season to visit the USA?

As fewer tourist prefer to travel in the falls, it will be the best season to visit the USA on a fixed budget. Most of the airlines drop their rates during this time, making it easier for you to book flight tickets at cheaper rates.  

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