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My Pleasant Experience On a Trip to New York

As someone who had always dreamed of visiting New York City, I was beyond excited as I planned a three-day trip to the Big Apple. I had heard so much about the city’s energy, diversity, and iconic landmarks, and couldn’t wait to explore it all. And let me tell you – New York did not disappoint. It is an exciting and vibrant city with endless possibilities. Take the time to discover the city beyond the tourist attractions, relax in the parks or local cafes, and enjoy all that the city has to offer! Just like me, you will too start praising this city as there are tons of exciting things to do. One may simply not miss visiting this place and after reading this post, you too would agree with me.

How to reach New York?

Booking a flight through any of the main airlines that fly to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), or LaGuardia Airport (LGA), is the only way to travel to New York by air. As they are all located or close to New York City, these airports are practical choices for air travel. 

Best time to visit New York:

If you want to visit museums, take in the city’s parks (such as Central Park, Bryant Park, etc.), and view the cherry blossoms, spring is a great time to go to New York. There are fewer people in the city than during the height of the summer because of the mild weather. However, the drawbacks of this season include potential increases in accommodation costs throughout winter. You may even see the possibility of sporadic, unpredicted rain showers.

Insider Tips:

  • With its subway, buses, and taxis, New York’s public transit system is great. Instead of taking a cab or Uber, it’s less expensive and faster to take the train or bus. 
  • Find lodgings in the city’s center, such as Midtown or Times Square. It provides quick access to many of the area’s top sights and is typically safer for visitors.
  • Avoid peak hours if you intend to visit a popular attraction, especially if you dislike crowds. In-demand locations like Times Square are frequently busiest in the evenings. By going there earlier in the day, you can escape the crowds and long lines.
  • The cuisine scene in New York is popular for being vibrant and diverse. Consider trying some of the regional fare, such as pizza, bagels, and hotdogs from the street sellers.
  • Like any large city, New York has some security issues. Be mindful of your surroundings, safeguard your money and valuables, and understand some areas are safer than others.

Getting around New York:

As a travel enthusiast, I would love to explore as many places as I can. So I thought why not learn and share the available commute modes? This will help you to plan your journey as well.

  • Public Transport 

There are subway connections to New York and its suburban areas. The subway might take you there or close by, depending on where you need to travel. To travel, you’ll need a MetroCard, which must have at least USD 5.50 loaded onto it. The cost of each trip is USD 2.75. Additionally, for USD 33, you may purchase a 7-day unlimited transit pass. To obtain your money’s worth, you get to ride the train 12 times. 

  • Taxis 

There’s no doubt that using a taxi to get around New York City is not the most affordable alternative. The base rate begins at USD 3.90 and increases by USD 3 every mile. If you can, always avoid them. However, they do have regulated fares, therefore during rush hours, they are less expensive than Uber. 

  • Bike sharing 

In New York City, you can ride almost anywhere, which is great if you want to explore expansive parks like Central and Prospect. The cost of a 30-minute ride on a Citi Bike costs USD 3.50, or USD 15 for a 24-hour pass. There are over 10,000 bikes scattered throughout the city, so one is always nearby! 

  • Car Rentals 

The daily rate for a rental car in this country is typically approximately USD 45. I wouldn’t rent a car unless traveling outside of the city. Public transit is more affordable and quicker.  

  • Ride Sharing 

If you don’t want to ride the bus or pay for a cab, Uber, Lyft, and Via are the finest ways to move around a city. Even greater discounts are available when you choose the shared or pool option when you choose to ride with other passengers.

My personal trip experience:

Day 1: 

After a lengthy flight, I arrived at JFK Airport early in the morning feeling enthusiastic nonetheless. I left my belongings at my hotel in Midtown Manhattan and went on an exploration of the area. My first trip was to Central Park, which was way more stunning in person than I can describe. People were jogging, walking, and playing games in the park, and I couldn’t help but be astounded by the size of it all. I took in the lovely environment as I went over the many walks, lakes, and gardens, mingling with some of the locals. 

I then proceeded to descend to Times Square, which was exactly as vivid, active, and loud as I had expected. I was initially overwhelmed by the billboards, lights, and masses of people, but I quickly became engrossed in the delight. I took pictures in front of the well-known Times Square billboards as well as purchased a few trinkets from street vendors. Then, I enjoyed some performances by street performers. Next, I went to a neighboring pizzeria and bought a slice of New York-style pizza for dinner. It was fantastic, and I knew I would cherish discovering more of the city’s culinary treasures in the days to come. 

Day 2: 

I visited the well-known Empire State Building first thing on day two. I grabbed a short breakfast at a neighboring coffee shop and then rode the elevator to the top of the building, where I was astounded by the view. A bewildering assortment of skyscrapers, parks, and streets stretched out before me as the entire city. To capture the beauty of it all, I took a ton of photos from various angles. I spent the rest of the day exploring the city, stopping at several museums, sites, and areas after I had seen the Empire State Building. I also went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was so large that I hardly saw the entirety of its collection. I felt as though I had traveled back in time; there were complex sculptures, paintings, and artifacts from earlier eras. 

Then, I boarded a ferry to travel to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. In-person, these famous sites were breathtaking; one can spend hours seeing the beauty. I also crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, which was both an engineering marvel and a stunning location to take in the skyline. I made sure to try some local specialties during the day, including a hotdog from a food cart and a bagel with lox from a nearby restaurant. To cap off the day, I took a stroll through Little Italy and Chinatown. I also stopped here for some excellent dumplings and cannolis along the way.

Day 3:

Today, I decided to escape the bustle of the city on my last day in New York and go to the tranquil Botanical Gardens. This garden is in the Bronx, so I had to take a bus and the subway to travel from Midtown Manhattan. With acres of flowers, trees, and plants from all over the world, the gardens were breathtaking. I walked around the various exhibitions for several hours. I admired the scenery and also took pictures wherever I went. After visiting the gardens, I thought about covering the renowned Macy’s department store. I felt as if I was in a shopper’s heaven as I made my way through the numerous floors of home furnishings, apparel, and shoes.

After that, I was able to acquire a few gifts for my loved ones back home before traveling to my last stop—a Broadway musical. The Broadway musical was the perfect way to cap off an amazing trip. This is because I couldn’t leave New York without watching one. One of the highlights was seeing Hamilton, which I was able to get at the last minute. I left feeling like I had seen something truly exceptional thanks to the amazing music, acting, and audience excitement. Once I was done with all this, I got ready to leave for the airport since I had to catch a flight back home.

Bottom Words:

Well, I had mixed emotions before leaving the city. I developed a deep affection for New York City thanks to its diversity, vitality, and limitless opportunities. Even though I had accomplished a lot in just three days, I knew there was still a ton of territory to discover. I had a greater respect for this amazing city when I left and swore to return soon.

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