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How to do seat selection for your next Turkish Airlines flight?

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Eagerly waiting to select a seat on your Turkish Airlines booking? Then, quickly read this guide to learn things fast. Firstly, you must make sure that you choose your seat at the time of booking Turkish airlines flights. Nevertheless, after making a reservation, you can still reserve seats. For this, you only need to confirm that you booked the reservation on Turkish Airlines’ official website. You may select your seats based on your needs and level of comfort. Turkish Airlines offers a variety of alternatives for selecting a seat. This means you have a variety of seat options to choose from. To make your travel more pleasant and comfortable, request a seat with greater legroom and for inflight WiFi availability. Additionally, continue reading this entire piece of information to understand things better.

Steps to select seats in Turkish Airlines:

Want extra seats while flying with this airline? Well, Turkish Airlines makes it simple to purchase additional seats. You can do that by reading the detailed instructions provided below.

  • Visit the Turkish Airlines website. 
  • Choosing “Manage Booking” is the next step. 
  • You’ll find your booking after entering the ticket information. 
  • Open your reservation and choose “I want to buy an extra seat.” 
  • The seat selection option will now be visible. 
  • The seat you want to buy is up for selection. 
  • You will get a confirmation email at the provided email address.

More information on Turkish Seat Selection:

  • You can choose the Turkish Airlines select seat option if you are traveling with a baby and require infant accommodations. Your seats have baby strollers that can assist you to take care of your child. The airline crew is highly organized in their assistance with the infant. You must select the appropriate seat if you have a “safety first” mindset.
  • Everyone is aware, there are seats available next to the planes’ emergency exits that are regarded as the safest alternatives for seating on board. You may select one of these seats as well. Whether you check in online or in person, you may select your seating location. The seats in business class are all free to choose from. However, the cost of the seats in economy class may be somewhat higher.
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The Seat Selection Policy:

The following details are on the Turkish Airlines seat selection policy. The process will enable you to avoid paying the Turkish seat change charge:

  • Within 24 hours of booking, make sure you have changed your seat. You’ll be able to avoid paying the Turkish Airlines seat-change charge in this way. 
  • Didn’t choose your seat during or within 24 hours of making your reservation? If so, you are not qualified to choose a seat for free on Turkish Airlines. The airline’s seat selection costs would be due. 
  • You have to pay between $19 and $129 to choose your seat on Turkish Airlines. The class and seat preference will determine the actual cost.

Turkish Airlines seat selection free of Cost Steps

All you have to do to choose a seat on Turkish Airlines is make sure you’ve followed the detailed instructions below. 

  • Visit the Turkish Airlines website.  
  • Include the booking information, such as the time of departure, the days, the location, the number of passengers, etc. 
  • Make your selection under “Search Flight.” 
  • A list of flights will appear soon. 
  • Pick the flight that best suits your requirements and continue with the reservation process now. 
  • The option of seat selection is available now. 
  • The seat of your choice is available. 

P.S. It ends there at this stage. You are now just required to pay for the reservation you have booked. Then, you will receive an email confirming your reservation to you shortly. 

If a third party has booked your reservation, get in touch with them if you want to make changes to your seat or buy seats.

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