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Las Vegas vs Los Angeles Vacation: Which city is Best For a Trip?

Las Vegas and Los Angeles are both popular tourist destinations in the United States, their names might sound the same to many people, but the experiences travelers get at these places during their vacation are too different.

Las Vegas is known for its luxury casinos, high-end shopping, and world-class dining spots. It has numerous entertainment options, including live shows, concerts, and attractions. Las Vegas is also a great destination for those who want to enjoy the best nightlife in the world.

On the other hand, Los Angeles is a cultural hub with a mix of beach culture, entertainment, and history. It’s home to numerous tourist attractions, including Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, Disneyland, and Universal Studios. Los Angeles is also famous for its beaches, such as Venice Beach and Santa Monica, and outdoor recreation opportunities, like hiking in the nearby mountains and canyons.

Both cities offer unique experiences, and it depends on individual preferences as to which one to visit. So let’s see what both cities have to offer to their visitors.

Destinations to visit: Las Vegas vs. Los Angeles

As we look at the destinations of both cities, Los Angeles, also known as the city of Angeles, is perfect for family activities like Venice Beach, Disneyland, Hollywood, etc. On the other hand, in Las Vegas a lot of casinos, luxury hotels, natural destinations, etc.

Most people think Las Vegas is all about casinos, hotels, and gambling. But Vegas is packed with huge diversified attractions for vacation who are couples, families with kids, or even groups of friends. 

Las Vegas Destinations:

  • The Strip: A 4.2-mile long road filled with shopping centers, luxury casinos, and hotels.
  • The Bellagio: A popular luxury hotel & casino known for dancing fountains and fine dining.
  • The Venetian: A luxurious hotel and casino with Venetian-style architecture and gondola rides.
  • The Hoover Dam: Massive concrete dam on the Colorado River, which is around 30 miles from Las Vegas.
  • The Grand Canyon: A natural wonder located around 100 miles from Las Vegas, offering scenic views.

Los Angeles Destinations:

  • Hollywood: The heart of the American film industry, with the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Dolby Theatre.
  • Disneyland: A theme park with numerous rides, attractions, and Disney characters-themed shows.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood: A movie-themed park offering behind-the-scenes experiences and thrill rides.
  • Santa Monica Pier: An iconic landmark of the city featuring an amusement park, aquarium, and restaurants.
  • Venice Beach: A famous beach known for its creative street performers and unique vendors.
  • Griffith Observatory: A popular observatory and planetarium located in Griffith Park, offering stunning views of Los Angeles.

Nightlife: Las Vegas vs Los Angeles


While on a vacation in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, you should not miss the nightlife of these beautiful cities. Both cities are very well known for their nightlife. The nightlife in Los Angeles is as varied as the city itself. The city has posh and wildest clubs, including Sound Nightclub, Skybar, Boardner’s, Academy, and Avalon.

Las Vegas offers a vibrant and distinctive nightlife. The nightlife here offers great dance clubs and flashy cocktail bars. Here, a lot of people fail to get rest as they get busy blowing their money at the casino, enjoying a top-notch performance, or having a good time in one of the many clubs.

Public Transit Las Vegas vs Los Angeles 

Going from and to any place in Las Vegas is like a piece of cake. As the city has an international airport, you can also find monorail, Taxis, Rental Cars, Sharing rides, limos, and buses very easily. And, like Las Vegas, Los Angeles city also offers the best-of-a-kind transit options including metro trains, DASH buses, taxis, etc.

Budget for Trip: Las Vegas vs Los Angeles

An average visitor spends $235 USD daily in Los Angeles. The average cost to spend a day in Las Vegas will be around $250 USD, of course, if you are not gambling around. Hence, LA is quite cheaper for a vacation than Las Vegas.

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