Secret Bahamas Travel Tips for a Stress Free Vacation

Over seven hundred islands in the Atlantic Ocean, comprising off to make the great Bahamas a world-class travel destination with glorious beaches, rich wildlife, lavish hotels, mouth-watering food, and countless places to visit. The country is rich in history and has many historical places like Fort Charlotte, Queen’s Staircase, and Christ Church Cathedral. Being a major tourist destination, tourists visit the place round the year to relax and rejuvenate. But, it is important to know about the place well before visiting, and so we have come with the best of Bahamas travel tips. Read the points carefully before you book the tickets to the Bahamas.

The Royal at Atlantis

Do you need a visa to go to the Bahamas?

US citizens don’t need a visa to spends less than 90 days in Bahamas. Other travelers will need to get a work or travel visa as per their respective purpose. Check out the official website of Bahamas Foreign Affairs Ministry for more info.

Currency in Bahamas

Bahamas has it’s own currency which is the Bahamian Dollar. It is tied to the US dollar with fixed exchange rate. Therefore, 1 dollar is always equals to 1 US dollar.

Can I use US Dollars in Bahamas?

Good News!!! You can use your US Dollars in the Bahamas. There is no need to stress to change the currency.

Prohibited or Restricted Good in the Bahamas

If you thinking what to carry in the Bahamas, its more important to check out what not to carry to the destination. Below are some things to leave at your home before leaving your home as per the government.

Prohibited Goods

  • Meat, fruits and vegetables, and any articles unfit for human consumption.
  • Indecent or obscene prints, photographs etc.
  • Underwater gun being any manufacture or device other than the device known as an Hawaiian Sling whereby a missile may be discharged under water.
  • Any article which looks like imitation of any currency uses in The Bahamas or elsewhere.
  • Copies of works in respect of which the owner has given notice to the Comptroller under Section 22 of The Copyright Act.

Restricted Goods

  • Goods imported for the purpose of any business (within the meaning given thereto by Section 2 of the Business License Act) unless you will be inspected as per the rules.
  • All goods that are restricted as per the law.
  • Firecrackers and impact flash facilities save those, which in the opinion of the Comptroller are not dangerous.
  • Firearms, fireworks, unless special authorization by the Commissioner of Police.
  • Trailers, being trailer caravans for use as living quarters, offices, workshops, or similar purposes, unless specifically authorized by the Minister.
  • Mechanical games and devices set in operation wholly and partly by the insertion.

Places to stay: Luxury and Budget Bahamas Travel Tips

The Bahamas is always among the people the first choice for vacation. The place has many options to stay but, resorts nearby the Cable Beach are among the best family spots. There are many hotels in the country for a blissful stay which includes:

  • Rosewood Baha Mar, Nassau
  • Grand Isle Resort & Spa, Greta Exuma
  • The Cove at Atlantis, Paradise Island
  • Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Nassau

Bahamas Travel Tip: Activities to do in Bahamas

Water sports to try in The Bahamas:

The Bahamas always welcomes the water sports lovers, as there are many water sport options available at the beaches. The water sports that are much enjoyed in the Bahamas are:

  • Jet Skiing,
  • Parasailing,
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Jet link
  • Sailing

Bahamas Travel Tips on Dining & Drinking:

Nassau is the capital of the nation, and it is also known for providing a wide range of drinking and dining options. You can find many bars and restaurants along the Bahamas where you explore the drinking and dining culture of the place.

Sip-Sip Restaurant, Dunmore Town

Some of the best restaurants in the Bahamas are:

  • Sip-Sip Restaurant, Dunmore Town
  • Social House Sushi & Grill, 1 Skyline Drive, Nassau
  • Pier 1 restaurant, Freeport
  • Flying Fish Modern Restaurant, Freeport

What and Where to eat in the Bahamas?

What and where to eat in the Bahamas is an integral part of the Bahamas the Bahamas is a very historic and cultured place, you can see their cultures in the Bahamian food also. To taste the traditional seafood of the country, you should eat the Fried conch, Conch fritters, Rock lobster, Baked Crab which are served by many restaurants. There are also many prominent bars in this beach country where you can taste the liquors that are popular among the people.

Some of the best bars in the country include:

  • The dune bar, Nassau
  • Rum Runners, Sea Horse Rd, Freeport
  • Nipper’s Beach Bar & Grill, Great Guana Cay
  • Moon bar, Paradise Island

Bahamas Travel Tip: Typical Weather of Bahamas

Sandals Royal Bahamian

Bahamas Travel Tips on weather

Before planning and fixing your trip to the islands, don’t forget to check the weather updates. As June to September is considered as the official hurricane season in the Bahamas, you should avoid visiting there during these months.

Which clothes to pack?

Nights tend to be cooler in the Bahamas, so packing a couple of sweatshirts will be a good idea, and during the daytime, you can wear t-shirts and shorts while exploring the place. If you want to go to Bahamas Beach which as obvious, then pack a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat.

Essential things to include in luggage

When you pack for a break outing, some important things must be included in the luggage to avoid any troubles. Pack the below things in your bag before anything in a separate handy bag which will save you time when you want to access them.

  • Portable charger
  • Camera
  • Medical kit in which you have to put common medicines to avoid cold, cough, fever, and stomach infections.
  • Currency (It should be kept at a secret place where only you reach not anyone else.)
  • Water Bottle
  • Toiletries (Sunscreen, hair products, cream, hand sanitizer, deodorant, Towel, toothpaste and brush etc.)
  • Area guide with Map
  • Headphones
  • Swimwear
  • Sunglasses

Bahamas Travel Tip:Connectivity in Bahamas


Keep the documents handy

Keep your all the documents handy or close to you so can access them at the quickest when you need.

The documents you will need are:

  • Passport: Carry your passport with you and make sure that it is valid for more than six months after your travel to avoid any consequences.
  • Return tickets: You may ask to show proof of your return, so also keep your return tickets handy with other documents.

Don’t take an unlicensed Taxi

When you want to explore the Bahamas, don’t take an unlicensed taxi. As most of the taxis don’t use meters, negotiating a fare in advance should be done. If you are at any club or anywhere far from your hotel, then ask the front desk to arrange a licensed taxi for you.

No worries for English speakers

North Americans will not face any communication barriers as English is the official language of the Bahamas. Many people speak an English based Creole language, which is called Bahamian dialect.

No need of adapters

Electrical outlets in the Bahamas are easily available, and compatible with all American electrical appliances. So you don’t have to worry about carrying the adapters with you everywhere. However, to be on a safer side, you may carry the power bank with you.


Almost every hotel in the Bahamas has Wi-Fi, working at a good speed. When a tourist arrives at the Bahamas airport, they just have to buy any SIM card available at the airport or any retail store. There are many SIM cards available on very low tariff plans. It will help you to be connected with the rest of the world.

After you have read the Bahamas travel tips, make sure that you have booked the tickets immediately, and get ready to immerse in the experience of extravagance like never before.

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