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Solo Traveler’s Guide to Canada: How To Explore Alone and Stay Safe?

At Least once in a lifetime, one should experience the liberating feeling of solo travel; however, it would be fitting to say it’s entirely out of the comfort zone. Canada is known for being the safest haven for solo travelers, and one of the main reasons behind it is its highly safe transportation system. 

Canada is the world’s second-largest country, so exploring it alone would take loads of planning; here is an ultimate guide to an adventurous quest in Canada.

Outline all travel elements: Create an Itinerary for your Solo Traveling

You need to organize a plan and decide on the structure of your solo travel journey in Canada since travel isn’t just about choosing a destination and booking places and tickets for transportation and accommodation but also making most of the journey fun and adventurous and spending time visiting.

Preparing an itinerary will help you remember everything, keep track of where to stay and what to do, help you pack things accordingly, and you can prioritize a few places, events, and festivals while being at your own pace. 

Carry out research beforehand.

Prior knowledge braces you against misleading information, getting naively lost in dangerous areas or being exposed to unsafe groups or people. Safety should be the most paid attention to while travelling alone so you may not be taken advantage of. So one must research the areas and other substantial “saving the day” details, hacks or tips. Remember to study the map and get your navigation game strong. 

Come prepared with worst scenarios management ideas.

You may encounter thefts and burglaries everywhere, so it is better to prepare for the worst while travelling solo to any unfamiliar place. Here are a few tips that can save your day:

  1. Use anti-scan pockets for credit and debit cards.
  2. Try to avoid looking like a tourist since tourists are considered easy targets.
  3. Make a prior call to your credit card company and let them know you’re on vacation to avoid fraud.
  4. Leave your passport at the hostel and carry a copy along with you.
  5. Don’t leave valuable material in the vehicle, even if it’s locked.
  6. Know emergency numbers.
  7. Stash extra cash.
  8. Stay connected to your loved ones.
  9. Try to acquaint yourself with the other travellers. Staying in hostels can be a great way of becoming familiar and friendly with locals and other tourists, exploring local festivals and events, etc.
  10. Learn basic local language phrases.
  11. Pack light so that you can carry essential stuff along all the time.
  12. Use a navigation tool and make sure you keep updating the software.
  13. Keep a check on weather conditions.
  14. Don’t pick up strangers.
  15. Avoid driving at night as there could be a chance of colliding with wild animals.
  16. Invest in VPN while conducting money transactions using free public internet.
  17. Get travel insurance before.
  18. Learn local emergency phrases.
  19. Be cautious regarding the safety of drinking water and potentially dangerous and easily transmitted diseases.

Choose a reliable travel partner.

If you wish to avoid getting stuck in any lonely place in Canada, you must consider a reliable travel service. Visit their website; we recommend Party Bus Toronto service that can make your trip joyous and safe.

Get travel insurance

Your trip might get interrupted or cancelled due to unforeseen events such as weather, illness etc.; in such cases, you can reimburse your losses covered under the travel insurance. Not only this but with the help of travel insurance, you may even brace yourself against unexpected medical expenses.

Choosing hostels for accommodation can be great for blending in with locals.

Not only accommodating in hostels will save you money, but it also exposes you to local friendships, festivals and events. Showing up for events and talking a bit can earn you friends in Canadian hostels since it’s amicable. You can join hostel activities and ask them about the local hangouts so it would become easier to blend in with the local culture and get insider tips.

Knowing about national and local holidays is a crucial measure

Spending hard-earned money on vacation, which you have desired for a very long only to find out it ends up becoming inaccessible because of national or local holidays, would be heartbreaking, so it’s advisable to have that in knowledge.

Considering all this

One must try this way of exploring the world on their own, the feeling can be intimidating, but it will eventually leave you with confidence and liberation. If you’re looking to take a break and evolve responsible and independent, solo traveling is the best thing you could ever do.

Also, traveling exposes you to new friendships where you can build impactful relationships based on the quality, fun and adventurous time you have spent together. 

If you too are thinking of taking a break and head on to the adventurous journey of travel, don’t look out for someone else to join and choose to go on solo.

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