5 Best Portable Locker Boxes for Travelling

Travelling is obviously a bliss, but looking after your belongings during that is not. People are always tensed about their things getting lost while traveling at the airport, in the cab, at the beach or any place. Your chargers, smartphones, keys, wallet are the things that need most of your attention. But what if there was an easy solution to keep all your belongings secure yet accessible whenever and wherever you need them? Portable lockers are lifesavers for frequent travelers, busy professionals, and anyone juggling the demands of a packed schedule. These lightweight lockboxes give you back control over your travel.

Master Lock 5900D Set

Price: 23.98 (Check Now on Amazon)

The Master Lock 5900D Set is a great portable locker solution for work or travel. This compact case gives you a secure place to store your valuables when a locker isn’t available.

This portable safe provides ample room for your essentials. At 9.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and 6 inches down, it can hold a phone, wallet, keys, gems, and other little things. The inside likewise has a removable rack so you can access your stuff quickly.

Another perk of the 5900D is that it’s TSA-approved for travel. It has a conveying handle and shoulder lash for simple carrying. Of course, the most important feature of any locker box is keeping your items safe. The 5900D does not disappoint. It has a digital lock with an automatic re-locking system to prevent unauthorized access. The lock allows you to set your own 3 to 8-digit code.

Master Lock is a reputable brand known for durable, high-quality products. This portable locker box should provide you with years of reliable use. For the space, security, and convenience it offers, the Master Lock 5900D Set is a great value and one of the best options out there for a portable locker solution.

OZONE Safety Solutions 2 L Electronic Fingerprint Locking Box

Price: $44.75 (Check Now)

The OZONE Safety Solutions 2 L Electronic Fingerprint Locking Box is a top choice if security and durability are high on your list of priorities. This heavy-duty portable locker box is made of reinforced steel and features an electronic biometric fingerprint lock to keep your valuables securely locked up.

To unlock the OZONE, simply scan your fingerprint on the biometric reader. The box can store up to 30 different fingerprints, so you can grant access to family members or coworkers if needed. The rechargeable battery will last for weeks between charges and alerts you when the power is low.

This portable locker box is spacious enough to hold a laptop, wallet, jewelry, cash, passport, and other medium-sized items. At over 2 liters in volume, it should meet the storage needs of most people on the go. The interior felt lining protects against scratches and the sturdy construction prevents the contents from being crushed or damaged.

For travel, the OZONE can be secured to tables, desks, and other fixed objects using the included steel cable. You can also bolt the box directly to surfaces for more permanent installation. At 7 pounds, it’s heavy enough to deter thieves but still compact and portable.

The OZONE is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a high-security fingerprint-activated storage box to safeguard your belongings at work, at home or on the road. The rechargeable battery, durable build, and spacious interior make this a very versatile and dependable option for keeping your essential items protected. For security and peace of mind, the OZONE portable locker box is worth the investment.

AMIR Portable Safe Box

Price: $25.99 (Check now on Amazon)

The AMIR Portable Safe Box is a great all-around option if you’re looking for an affordable yet durable locker. It’s made of uncompromising steel and a solid three-digit combination lock to keep your things secure.

This portable safe is great for putting away more modest assets like jewelry, cash, electronics, and documents. At 12.2 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches, it’s sufficiently minimal to hide in a storeroom or under the bed yet at the same time gives adequate space to the vast majority’s necessities. The interior includes padded foam lining and several removable shelves so you can customize the configuration.

One of the best things about the AMIR Portable Safe Box is how versatile it is. You can bolt it down for more permanent installation or the pre-drilled mounting holes also allow you to attach it to the wall. However, it’s lightweight enough at just over 15 pounds that you can easily move it between locations as needed. The three-digit combination lock is simple to set and operate but provides adequate protection.

For the price, the AMIR Portable Safe Box delivers fantastic value. It offers useful features, sturdy and compact construction, as well as dependable security for many common applications. If you’re searching for an inexpensive yet well-built locker, this safe box deserves a spot at the top of your list. Overall, it’s a great, budget-friendly option for basic storage and organization needs.

ORIA Portable Safe Box

Price: $24.99 (Check Now on Amazon)

The ORIA Portable Safe Box is a sturdy, durable option if you’re looking for a portable locker. This substantial steel box includes a combination lock to keep your effects secure.

At 16 inches long by 12 inches wide and 6 inches down, it gives more than adequate space to the vast majority of your fundamental stuff. The ORIA safe is adequately huge to hold things like electronics, documents, apparatuses, and different assets, with an inside that is not difficult to arrange. Its rugged steel construction means it can withstand the elements and handling, giving you peace of mind that your stuff will stay protected.

Setting the combination lock is straightforward. Simply turn the dials to your desired three-digit code, then lock the mechanism into place. After that, accessing your locker is as easy as entering the code and turning the lock clockwise. For added security, you can mount the ORIA to walls, floors, and other surfaces using the pre-drilled mounting holes.

The ORIA safe box is a highly rated, sturdy option for keeping your belongings secure at home, in the garage, or even in a vehicle. Its strong steel fabricate, combination lock, and movability make it an extraordinary all-around capacity answer for important things you need to keep secured. It gives great bang for your buck if you’re searching for a reasonable locker. For security, durability and convenience, the ORIA portable safe box delivers.

KYODOLED Medium Portable Safe Box

Price: $14.99 (Check on Amazon)

The KYODOLED Medium Portable Safe Box is a compact yet durable option if you’re looking for a portable locker. At 16 x 11 x 6 inches, it’s sized to fit under most beds or in a closet.

Made of rock-solid steel with a scratch-safe powder coat finish, this box will stand up to day-to-day utilization and an intermittent knock or drop. The tough form and hardened steel locking hook give you genuine serenity and your resources will stay secure inside.

The KYODOLED box features a simple yet effective tubular key lock to keep the contents private. You’ll receive two keys when you purchase the box so you have an extra in case one is misplaced. The lock itself is designed to be pick-resistant for added security.

For easy transport, the KYODOLED Portable Safe Box has a convenient carry handle on the top of the lid. At just under 10 pounds empty, most people will find it light enough to move around as needed. The flat top also gives you additional storage space if desired.

Whether you live in a dorm, apartment, or shared living space, having a secure place to keep important documents, electronics, jewellery or other valuables can bring reassurance. The KYODOLED Medium Portable Safe Box offers an affordable, space-efficient option to safeguard your essential belongings. For the price and features, it’s hard to beat this sturdy little locker.

How To Choose Portable Locker Boxes?

We put portable locker boxes through rigorous testing to determine the best of the best.

  • Durability and Construction

First, we assess how well-built the locker is by checking the materials and construction. Things like heavy-duty steel or aluminium frames, reinforced hinges and locks, weather-resistant seals, and scratch-proof coatings are pluses. We drop test and impact test the lockers to ensure they can handle typical wear and tear without denting or breaking.

  • Security

Next, we evaluate the security features. At a minimum, a good portable locker should have a sturdy lock mechanism, whether it’s a combination lock, keyed entry, or padlock hasp. Tamper-proof designs, steel-reinforced padlock holes, and locking systems with multiple bolts are even better. We also check how difficult it is to pry open or break into the locker without the key or code.

  • Spaciousness and Organization

We assess the interior space and any included organizational features. More room and compartments for segregating items are ideal for most users. We look for things like shelves, mesh pockets, built-in hangers, and removable bins which provide extra storage space and keep belongings tidy.

  • Ease of Use

Finally, we consider how user-friendly the portable locker is in terms of moving, accessing items, and maintenance. Lighter weights, telescoping handles, and wheels or casters are helpful for transport. Straightforward locking mechanisms, wide openings, and interior lighting promote convenience. And powder-coated or enamel paint finishes in neutral colours are easier to keep clean.

With all these factors in mind, we can recommend portable lockers that are secure, spacious, durable and delightfully easy to use for any application. Our top picks will give you peace of mind that your belongings are protected no matter where work or travel takes you.


So there you have it, five of the best convenient locker boxes for keeping your stuff secure when you’re in a hurry. Any of these choices would make an incredible expansion for work, travel, or improving on your regular convey. By the day’s end, the main thing is finding a locker box that fits your specific needs. Whether it’s keeping electronics safe, storing tools, or organizing smaller items, a good portable locker box should make your life easier and give you peace of mind that your stuff will be protected. Now get out there and choose a locker box that suits you – your gear will thank you for it!

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