This Jacket Saves Your Money at the Airport: TikTok User

The newest advice i’ve heard involves wearing a fisherman’s vest, the kind you’d wear when going on a fly-fishing excursion, to help avoid any additional luggage fees, as shared by TikTok user @CheapHolidayExpert.

She said in the video when she was wearing the vest beneath her jacket, “That is absolutely another win for not paying for any luggage.

The vest, which she purchased on Amazon for just $10.99, was filled with carry-on necessities and more, including workout gear, a speaker, headphones, a passport, a deck of cards, deodorant, and a bikini. It also contained other items. She also stored her laptop in the large rear pocket of the vest.

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Chelsea then leads everyone along as the team checks her other baggage as she scans her passport. And lo and behold, she flies with her vest without incident.


Users praised her inventiveness in the comments section, with one writing, “I spent so long looking for a this kind of travel jacket with [tons] of pockets I don’t know why I never thought of this.” Another even added, “This and cargo pants??,” as a way to go one step farther. Life-changing.”

User @Witchy and other TikTokers have heeded the call to test it out for themselves to see if they can duplicate the results. As Robin Snow, a.k.a. Crafty, put it, it was “the best travel hack I have ever found.”

She also crammed a ton of items into the pockets, including a swimsuit, multiple pairs of socks, hair accessories, cosmetics, toiletries, electronics, and two sets of headphones.

Therefore, the hack seems to be functioning for the time being, but who knows how long it will last before airlines figure out our methods. However, who really cares? At least you can use it to create an undoubtedly pretty stylish fall vest.

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