Spring Break Travel is Becoming More & More Expensive This year

Travelling in Spring Break will get more expensive, with the average insured trip cost for the travel period rising by 3.4 percent from $5,420.81 in 2022 to $5,606.05 in 2023, according to statistics from Squaremouth.com.

“Additionally, the increased costs for airfare have caused some potential spring break travelers to either increase their budget or delay their vacation until summer,” Shrader continued.

Furthermore, the rising cost of airfare has forced some prospective spring break tourists to either increase their budget or postpone their trip until the summer, according to Shrader.

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Moreover, the average cost of insurance for spring breakers jumped by 6.9%, from $353.69 to $378.05. Antarctica ($12,216.27), Tanzania ($11,600.83), Ecuador ($10,914.51), Peru ($9,682.17), and South Africa ($8,879.17) are the most costly Spring Break travel locations.


Turks and Caicos, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands are the most sought-after vacation spots for Spring Break, according to research. Since last year, the average price for these locations has climbed by 29%, from $5,460.50 to $7,038.74.

On the plus side, cruise prices this year have been fantastic. For my clients who are searching for a sunny spring break holiday, cruising has become a popular alternative because of promotions for drink packages, free Wi-Fi, and excursion credits, which all add value, according to Shrader.

The analysis also revealed that New Zealand (up 2,556 percent), Vietnam (1,875 percent), Japan (537 percent), Indonesia (368 percent), and Antarctica were the locations where bookings were growing the fastest (258 percent).

Source: Travel Pulse

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