Secret Hack to Get Lowest Price on Google Flights

Numerous frequent flyers have voiced their concerns in the thousands of comments left on a popular TikTok travel trick that suggests a quick click through Google Flights may net you a dream vacation.

The trick, according to the video, which was created by content producer Sam Jarman, is all in the Google Flights search criteria. Specifically, if a user doesn’t enter any days, they will be able to see the lowest price for flights over a period of time.

In the example, he shows how to obtain a cheap cost for $177 on a round-trip ticket from Los Angeles to New York that was originally priced at $217.

However, as the video’s viewers point out, the savings might not be worthwhile since it would typically only display basic economy rates, which are less alluring to frequent flyers due to the limitations.

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“That is unquestionably a basic economy flight that cannot be changed. As one commenter points out, “And a lost value upon cancellation.

This strategy can help you acquire discounted fares, but only if you have the freedom to pick your own trip dates, according to Travel & Leisure’s testing. T+L advises entering Google Flights and adding one carry-on to the “Bag” box if a passenger is concerned about not purchasing a basic economy fare. This will probably just show economy fares without the minimal restrictions on that class of travel.

If you want to find the best airfare deals, T+L previously covered alternate methods including planning ahead and subscribing to price alerts from websites like Google Flights, which let you know when costs are dropping or starting to climb.

Source: Travel & Leisure

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