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Amsterdam don’t want to see tourists the City, Going to implement new rules

According to the city’s tourism plan, the well-known site will begin a new campaign this spring with the goal of reducing “nuisance and overcrowding” brought on by tourism and creating a more responsible guest economy by 2035. The Red-Light District, river cruises, bar crawls, and coffee cafes will be impacted by the campaign’s new guidelines.

According to the Vision on Tourism in Amsterdam 2035, local officials complain that companies “exploit the city’s image to sell it as a destination of ‘infinite possibility'”. Tourists from all over the world have long been drawn to the city because of its tolerant soft drug policies and prostitution-friendly legislation.

That has been “at the expense of liveability and accessibility for inhabitants,” according to officials.

Femke Halsema, the mayor of Amsterdam, told Dutch News that if things continue as they are, there won’t be any people living in the inner city in 10 or 20 years. They will have left because they are unable to pay for it, the neighborhood is too crowded, and the city is now too filthy in all ways.

amsterdam usa

The initiative aims to draw attention to the city’s cultural assets, such as its historic canals and museums. Even a program called “Stay Away” deliberately discourages guests who intend to “go crazy” from attending.

Suggested Actions

Measures that “have ramifications for overnight stays, excess tourists, and disturbances” are described in the tourism plan.

  • Limiting the hours of operations for pubs, clubs and the Red Light District on the weekends. No new patrons will be admitted to bars and clubs after 1 a.m., and sex work establishments would close three hours earlier at 3 a.m. than they already do.
  • Limiting riverboat cruise
  • Prohibiting guided tours and pub crawls in more places
  • cannabis smoking is prohibited in certain locations of the city center.
  • Restrictions on the locations where party boats can embark and depart in the Red Light District.
  • transforming hotels into homes or offices

The new rules are expected to go into effect in the middle of May once the campaign opens this spring. Yet the comprehensive repositioning of Amsterdam’s tourism industry won’t happen until the following 12 years, by 2035.

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