Americans’ Biggest Hotel Deal Breakers: Study by The Vacationer

What causes Americans to always check out of their selected hotel without receiving a refund? In a recent poll that was released on March 6, researchers at The Vacationer set out to answer that query.

Just over 1,000 People were surveyed for their opinions on the matter by the Hotel Dealbreakers Study, and the findings may occasionally surprise you.

Bed bugs, broken locks, filthy sheets, and undesirable “critters” like snakes or cockroaches were among the possible causes. One topic on which virtually all Americans concurred was bedbugs. When asked if they would leave if they found these scratchy, parasitic bugs in their hotel rooms, 81% of respondents answered they would.


The following five issues ranked highest: having no locks or broken locks on the doors; having foul odours, such as those from poop, mould, or smoking (68.14 percent); discovering a camera in their room (66.08 percent); stained bed sheets or obviously dirty surroundings (65.78 percent); an unwanted animal in their room (65.49 percent); and finding a camera in their room (65 percent).

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The next-highest factors were having faulty plumbing in their room (62.14%), hearing gunshots (55.26%), and living in an obviously dangerous neighbourhood (55.16 percent).

The biggest turnoffs for customers staying at hotels are, generally speaking, subpar rooms, unsanitary facilities, maintenance problems, and safety issues, and for good reason. It is simple to spread bed bugs through items like clothing and luggage, which can then infest your own home. Broken locks, in-room cameras, and filthy surroundings are all unacceptable violations of guest privacy and safety. The hotel fails when the plumbing breaks or the environment is polluted.

Source: Travel Pulse

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