Are Gadgets Covered in Travel Insurance? Is it Worth Spending?

Travelling today is now a must to rewind yourself. Disconnecting from the world and getting some fresh air is so relaxing. But, it’s not that easy to just press ‘Disconnect’ button and block all the calls, messages, mail etc just at once. I don’t advise it too.

Today, smartphones, laptop etc has became the most important travel gadgets to manage the travel smoothly and connect to the family. In case of emergency, the you must have a smartphone or a laptop to ask for help. Some people are even working remotely while traveling the world. They make their money and spend on vacations simultaneously. Here comes the need a travel insurance with gadgets covered in that.

Travel insurance is an insurance designed to provide coverage and protection for travelers against unforeseen events and emergencies during their journeys. It typically includes coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellations or interruptions, lost or delayed baggage, and other unexpected incidents that may occur while traveling.

This article will inform you everything about a travel insurance with gadgets cover to make you aware and choose the policies carefully.

Do travel insurance cover gadgets as well?

Not all insurance policies offer coverage for gadgets like smartphones, cameras, and laptops etc as part of their comprehensive plans. But, there are many gadget travel insurance providers among which you can choose as per your preference. Monthly payments may vary from provider to provider.

Is it worth it?

Travel insurance with gadget coverage is worth it if you place a high value on electronic devices, travel frequently, or engage in activities that pose a higher risk to gadgets. If you don’t have any expensive device on the trip, there is no need to put extra money in travel insurance for gadgets cover. As it offers financial protection and peace of mind, but it’s essential to weigh the costs against potential benefits and review policy details carefully.

Top Gadget Insurance Providers

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World’s most renowned publisher ‘Forbes‘ curated a list of top gadget insurance providers for comprehensive coverage. Below are the top three gadget insurance for travel providers as per Forbes. From budget-friendly Switched On to versatile CoverCloud and acclaimed Love It Cover It, discover your ideal protection.

Love It Cover It – Forbes’ Top Pick

Forbes has crowned Love It Cover It as a top gadget insurance provider, recognizing it for offering joint-lowest rates, starting at £10.99/month for a Macbook Pro and £5.90/month for an iPhone 14. The ‘essential’ cover includes protection against theft, accidental damage, and mechanical breakdown, excluding loss for iPhones. With an excess starting at £30 and the flexibility to cover up to 10 gadgets per policy,

CoverCloud – Forbes’ 2nd Pick

Forbes applauds CoverCloud as the 2nd most affordable gadget insurance provider, quoting a combined monthly price of £12.34 for a 128GB iPhone 14 and a 256GB Macbook Pro (2022). With the flexibility for unlimited claims and worldwide coverage, CoverCloud stands out. However, it’s important to note that accidental loss coverage for iPhones and protection against misplacement for laptops require additional fees. Additionally, while coverage starts immediately upon policy initiation, gadgets aged over 60 days can’t be claimed within the first two weeks. The policy accommodates up to five gadgets, making it a competitive choice in the market.

Switched On – Forbes’ Budget-Friendly Choice

SwitchedOn emerges as Forbes’ 3rd pick as best and budget-friendly pick, offering the most affordable iPhone 14 cover among compared insurers at a mere £5 per month. This standard policy covers accidental damage, mechanical breakdowns, and cracked screens but excludes protection against theft. For anti-theft coverage, a slight upgrade to the Premium policy is required, adding a nominal 50p per month for a 128GB iPhone 14.

With the flexibility to protect up to 10 devices and an unlimited claims policy, Switched On shines in affordability. However, it’s important to note the initial 14-day exclusion for devices older than 60 days and the necessity of upgrading for theft coverage.

Knowing the best insurance providers, we’ve uncovered choices like Love It Cover It, CoverCloud, and Switched On—each with its unique offerings and considerations. Whether it’s the joint-lowest rates, the flexibility of unlimited claims, or the budget-friendly options, these providers showcase the diverse landscape of gadget insurance.

Safe travels!

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